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Created 2017-09-18
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Title with dimonds bvlgari necklace B zero1 fake day-to-
Description Threats against family 'come with the territory'

TRUMP: Well, It's unfortunate, right? You replica bvlgari necklace always have a bunch of black jobs out there and this was one case for you we had exactly that. But you know, we got a, you know, couple of threatening letters. And I guess listen, I think you said it best, right? It's almost come you know, come to be expected in a process like this and my father is really there's tremendous energy around him. There's tremendous passion. He has really started a movement. And listen, I guess there are some other people on the other side that don't feel so passionate about it. But you know, he has done something incredible, and you know listen, I think people are lashing out.

E. TRUMP: Yes. Effectively, it was, you know, get out of the race, otherwise something bad is going to happen except for (inaudible). Listen. There is a lot people, Greta. We've seen this our whole life. There are a lot of people who are crazy. You know, we're a known family. This kind of thing happens. It's unfortunate. I don't love with my wife obviously. It's unfortunate. But this kind of thing happened. And my father is resonating. I mean you see the passion when at these rallies, you see the passion across the board. You see the voter turnout. You're going to have people on the other side who will lash out to win and that's exactly what happened.

E. TRUMP: Yes. Well, I know how much I shouldn't even be talking about it but roughly the same I mean roughly the same, same general message. And, again, you know, a family, especially a family as visible as us, you know, we've been out there, you know this. I have been on the show a hundred times supporting my father. He is the greatest man in the entire world. I love him to death. That's why I do this. You know, but we've been by his side and we've been very, very visible. And so naturally, it comes with the territory.

E. TRUMP: He did an amazing job. Honestly, the standing ovations in there, I mean it was I was incredibly proud of him. The Twitter feedback was amazing. We had Rollins was just on the show on Fox Business. I was just watching him talking about it and he is giving him such an amazing craze. My father knocked it out on the park tonight, and I can't tell you how many friends I just had, Jewish friends, who were in the business. Your father was so incredible. I mean he really solidified the Jewish vote tonight. It was I think it was a great night for my father.

E. TRUMP: He's been amazing. I mean Arizona is a state where his just been knocking it out of the park in terms of the polls. People love him and he has had so many incredible endorsements there. Every time he goes he is speaking in front of 30,000, 40,000, 50,000 people. You know, so what's the I t think we're going to have a great day tomorrow. Obviously, Arizona is winner takes all and I really I think we have the state. You know, I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but I think we're going to do tremendously there tomorrow.

E. TRUMP: Well, you know, the story that hasn't been told is we're really coming back to our area in fake bulgari diamond necklace the country, right our place, and we've done so well thus far. But now, we're coming back to New York. Ted Cruz isn't winning New York after he's saying that New York values time . He is not just doing it. He's not winning New Jersey. He's not winning Connecticut. And they we're really coming back here. California, we're doing great in the polls in California. My father spent a tremendous amount of time out there. We have a lot of property out there. I mean, it is a state he knows incredibly well. He is doing amazing in California. And then across the board, we have many states that are really we have a great advantage in and I think we're going to do great in them, Greta. I mean, I really think we're coming into our territory now.

E. TRUMP: Yeah. I bvlgari bzero necklace price fake think that's right. I think more and more he is focusing on Hillary because I think that's going to be his adversary. We have to as a party, we have to start focusing on her. She is likely going to be the person we have to start focusing on her. We got to put the nonsense behind us. We got to go. I think we are going to get to the 1,237. I'm really confident that we're going to get to the 1,237. I think we're going to do tremendously in the upcoming states. Pennsylvania is one that I didn't mention before, but we're doing so well in Pennsylvania and the state that we know very well. We have to as a party start turning our attention to Hillary. You know otherwise, you know, we're not doing well again. So we have to start turning our attention to Hillary.

E. TRUMP: I think he will actually do a great job unifying the party and I think the party is actually coming around. He thinks the party sees a clear path for him. Kasich doesn't have a path. Cruz quite frankly has very little of the path. I think Cruz would need 90 percent of the remaining delegates going into the states like New York, which we're going to win and states like Pennsylvania, Connecticut and all these other ones. He would need 90 percent of the delegates effectively to get to that 1,237 number. It's not going to happen. It's just not going to happen. My father has a clear path there. I think we're going to go bvlgari necklace women imitation I think we're going to get to that 1,237 and I think we're going to run against Hillary and I can't wait until we do. My father is going to do such unbelievable job against her. We're going to win this thing. I mean we're just going to win this thing.
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